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As part of the 25th anniversary of the birth of the "Final Fantasy" series, in collaboration with the magazine "Arena Homme +" foreign magazines, the model of the men's collection spring-summer 2012 Prada Square Enix characters, "Final Fantasy XIII-2" I announced that the appointment is.

"Square Enix, Final Fantasy as part of the 25th anniversary of the birth of the "series," International Journal of Arena Homme + magazine in collaboration with ", the model of the men's collection spring-summer 2012 Prada" Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters " I announced that the appointment is.  The following excerpt from the release.  Released (Friday), "April 12, 2,012 Arena Homme + in the current issue of the journal "The character Lightning, Hope, Noel, Snow, of" FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 "and Sazh is, in the fashion of Prada from costume everyday Sort images pose Nugi, the original will be released.

Mr. Max served as the editor of the magazine main pair "Arena Homme +", commented as follows.  "Since we are on the theme of Social escape and direction, issue Spring for the conference is" Final Fantasy collaboration with game series with sex visual superb like ", so with the help of Prada it is a fashion brand of world-class the position occupied by the modern society and the power that has been able to create something unparalleled.'s. "," video game feels incredible really, multiply was interested much in the past. to this project The greatness of the amount of work that was.

"We are really happy with the splendor there is only marvel at nothing but.'s image Resulting now, what is in the article on page 12 for all, Spring 2012 of Prada It is assumed to choose the main styles this season is said to be the highest among the summer men's collection, a combination of modern items such as suits and sharp image of print silk shirt.  Article of this issue is written by Mr. Steven Poole is a British journalist and writer. Is a columnist literature that has contributed to the (British newspaper) Guardian, work and well-known as "Trigger Happy" was Hyoshi, Mr. Steven Poole is in EDGE magazine video game of UK world-famous for the aesthetics of video games The monthly column is also the person has been highly praised by his authority the video game industry.

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