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Welcome to [community profile] sazhfans, a character community dedicated to Sazh Katzroy of Final Fantasy XIII (2010) (and Final Fantasy XIII-2).

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2 Looking Dapper as fuck in Prada 2012 Designs

As part of the 25th anniversary of the birth of the "Final Fantasy" series, in collaboration with the magazine "Arena Homme +" foreign magazines, the model of the men's collection spring-summer 2012 Prada Square Enix characters, "Final Fantasy XIII-2" I announced that the appointment is.

"Square Enix, Final Fantasy as part of the 25th anniversary of the birth of the "series," International Journal of Arena Homme + magazine in collaboration with ", the model of the men's collection spring-summer 2012 Prada" Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters " I announced that the appointment is.  The following excerpt from the release.  Released (Friday), "April 12, 2,012 Arena Homme + in the current issue of the journal "The character Lightning, Hope, Noel, Snow, of" FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 "and Sazh is, in the fashion of Prada from costume everyday Sort images pose Nugi, the original will be released.

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'Lightning Returns' will be 'the most complete and polished game' in the Final Fantasy series, says

Motomu Toriyama, current director on Square Enix's Final Fantasy series, said that upcoming title Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the 25-year-old franchise's "most complete and polished game" in a recent interview with VG247.

The game, slated to release next year, pits Lightning against a "new deity" in the final battle of the XIII trilogy. Toriyama said the game "will really take care to thoroughly embody the character of Lightning herself," adding that the game is much more world-driven compared to the first title's story-driven plot.

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'Final Fantasy XIII-3' teased as site confirms new Lightning saga

Final Fantasy XIII-3 has been suggested by a new teaser website. Square Enix will announce a new direction for the Lightning saga at an anniversary event next month.

Titled "A Storm Gathers", a new teaser site confirms that the next chapter in Lightning's story will be unveiled by the director, producer, art director on September 1. "FINAL FANTASY XIII TEAM TO PRESENT NEW DIRECTION FOR THE SAGA OF KEY CHARACTER, LIGHTNING," reads a post on the site.

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Tumbleblogs and DLC Releases

SAZH HAS A TUMBLEBLOG NOW. There is a God and someone loves him. All of the awards to this person.

Also: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sazh: Heads or Tails? DLC Now Available:

Revealed earlier this month, the first additional chapter for Final Fantasy XIII-2, known as Sazh: Heads or Tails?, is available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 now. The downloadable content (DLC) will also be available from the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 from tomorrow. Sazh: Heads or Tails? is a new episode which provides players with the chance to take control of Sazh, one of the most popular characters from Final Fantasy XIII. The brand new storyline runs in parallel with the narrative of the main campaign, and upon completion of the new episode the player is rewarded with the option of adding Sazh to their party.

The downloadable content also includes two new card games, “Chronobind” and “Serendipity Poker” that are added to the Serendipity from Chapter 2 onwards. The Sazh: Heads or Tails? DLC is available in PAL territories via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 priced at 400 Microsoft Points, and will launch tomorrow, 29th February 2012, on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 priced at €3.59/£2.99. Electronic Theatrewill keep you updated with all the latest details on Final Fantasy XIII-2, and future DLC for the videogame. [SOURCE]

In Korea, Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Sazh Scenario Is Rated Adults Only

Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment Asia localized Final Fantasy XIII-2 for South Korea with Korean text and Japanese voice acting. The game came out on January 31 and was rated for ages 15 and up.

Next week, a new downloadable scenario starring Sazh will be released worldwide, but you have to be 18 or up to play it in Korea. Why? Because "Heads or Tails?" is set in the game’s casino Serendipity and has a new poker mini-game. Games with realistic gambling are pegged with an 18+ rating by Korea’s Game Rating Board. After reviewing "Heads or Tails?" and Serendipity Poker, the GRB gave it a separate adults only rating. [SOURCE]


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sazh DLC Details

Say hello to an old friend.

Square Enix has announced details about the next downloadable episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Titled 'Sazh: Heads or Tails?', it will be released on 28th February, 2012 on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, costing 400 Microsoft Points. It will be released on PlayStation network a day later, priced at £2.99/$4.99. The DLC lets players control Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII in a special story that runs concurrently with the events of the main game.

When you complete the new episode, you will have the option of adding Sazh to your party. [SOURCE]

Sazh confirmed to make an appearance in "FF-XIII-2"

ACCORDING TO Siliconera.com Sazh (and I'm assuming his son Dajh and Baby Chocobo) have been confirmed to make an appearance in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The depths of their role or appearance is unknown, but they, like everyone else, is working to restore Gran Pulse to a state of civilization for the refugees of Cocoon in the aftermath of the first game's events. [SOURCE]

A Second of Sazh and Dajh in 7 minute "Final Fantasy XIII-2" Trailer

Do you like Final Fantasy games? Do you like Square-Enix's brand of role-playing game drama? Then spend seven minutes watching this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer. Over on YouTube, the commenters tried to derail things by demanding Kingdom Hearts 3. You wouldn't do that here, would you?

FFXIII-2 will be out in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. [SOURCE]

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer To Debut on Television

We may not have to wait long for the game's Tokyo Game Show trailer. BS11 will be hosting a thirty minute special about Final Fantasy XIII-2 on September 15 from 20:00 to 20:30. The content of the special includes:

  • The latest information on the game

  • Promotion videos from E3 and Japan Expo

  • Gameplay footage showing the game's new elements

  • A look in the production studio from Sazh voice actor Masashi Ebara

  • Video messages from special guests

  • First look at a new trailer

The 15th is also the first day of the Tokyo Game Show. Unless Square Enix has staffed up its trailer department, the new trailer promised for the show is presumably the same footage that will be shown at TGS (not that Square Enix has actually confirmed a trailer for TGS, although it is likely). This means that those who are unable to attend TGS may not have to wait long for the footage to appear online.


Nojima Not Directly Involved With Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix has confimed that Kazushige Nojima, the writer of many of Final Fantasy's greatest stories, will not be directly involved with Final Fantasy XIII-2, despite being the person who came up with the concept for Final Fantasy XIII.

Speaking to us at this year's E3, Motomu Toriyama, the game's director, said: "Nojima is still indirectly involved with Final Fantasy XIII-2 because he's a writer for Fabula Nova Crystallis which is the mythology that all the Final Fantasy XIII games are based on. He's not directly involved with Final Fantasy XIII-2 though."

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Has Other New Characters Besides Noel

Noel joins the Final Fantasy XIII cast as the main character of Final Fantasy XIII-2. But he won't be the only major new character in the game. In an interview in this week's Famitsu (summed up at Sokuho), art director Isamu Kamikokuryo reveals that there will be other new "main characters" besides Noel.

It's unclear what Kamikokuryo means by "main" characters, as the game's producer and director have said that the story will center on Noel and Serah, the two characters who were playable in the E3 demo. At the very least, it looks like we can expect some additional major additions to the cast. Characters from the original FFXIII will be returning as well, of course. Kamikokuryo said that players will be able to see slightly grown up versions of the past characters, and how they're now living.

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