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Say hello to an old friend.

Square Enix has announced details about the next downloadable episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Titled 'Sazh: Heads or Tails?', it will be released on 28th February, 2012 on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, costing 400 Microsoft Points. It will be released on PlayStation network a day later, priced at £2.99/$4.99. The DLC lets players control Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII in a special story that runs concurrently with the events of the main game.

When you complete the new episode, you will have the option of adding Sazh to your party. [SOURCE]
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Do you like Final Fantasy games? Do you like Square-Enix's brand of role-playing game drama? Then spend seven minutes watching this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer. Over on YouTube, the commenters tried to derail things by demanding Kingdom Hearts 3. You wouldn't do that here, would you?

FFXIII-2 will be out in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. [SOURCE]
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